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1541 Ultimate II: New firmware v2.0RC9

E’ stato rilasciato l’aggiornamento firmware v2.0RC9 per l’interfaccia 1541 Ultimate II di Gideon.

Fix di maggiore rilievo:

  • Some debug stuff that appeared in menu removed!
  • Tape Record implemented.
  • Capabilities register added (for V1 compatibility later)
  • Initial version of memory controller for V1 hardware added.
  • Global menu items replaced by menu objects that can generate menu items based on the object’s state.
  • Some bug-fixes.
  • Christmas lights eliminated in many places.
  • 64K AR/RR Ram support added; as well as made to pass CountZero’s test program with 71 points.
  • Freezer bug is NOT yet tackled.
  • Preliminary USB hub support added (not finished)
  • Tape recorder software file created, but is still a copy of playback. Needs to be implemented.
  • IEC processor implemented.
  • Some clean up done in USB code.
  • C2N Recorder added to Fpga makefiles. (not for 250e yet)
  • TAP Encoder added.
  • ZPU altered for guaranteed IRQ handling (not used yet)

download: 1541ultimate.net

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