CBM-Command v2.2 RC2

CBM-Command è un disk manager per Commodore 64 / 128 / VIC20 / PET e Commodore C16. L’interfaccia ricorda il vecchio Norton Commander / Midnight Commander. L’interfaccia grafica del CBM-Command per ovvi motivi risulta più semplice ma perfettamente integrata nel sistema operativo. La versione per Commodore 128 puo’ girare anche a 80 colonne.

Release Notes – Version 2.2 – 2013-04-16 – RC2

New Features:

  • Provides Side-By-Side panels or Top-And-Bottom panels on 40-column systems.
  • Batch disk image creation.
  • User can select drive or partition number.
  • The disks have a little BASIC-language program that can update your configuration files.

Updates from RC1:

  • The help file explains how to use a new feature of the configuration utility.
  • The configuration-file updater adds another configurable key to your personal configurations.
  • The D80 image was rebuilt, in order to work around a VICE bug.

Known Issues:

  • It can trigger the write-and-replace bug.
  • It can’t create or write back D80 and D82 images.
  • The REL-file copier doesn’t truncate old target files that have the same record size as the new file.
  • It will try to copy DEL files if they are selected.
  • Errors don’t stop batch operations; the file is skipped.

Download: CBM-Command v2.2 RC2 (D64/D80) (865)

source: cbmcommand.codeplex.com

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