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1541 Ultimate I / II: New firmware v2.0RCA

E’ stato rilasciato l’aggiornamento firmware v2.0RCA per l’interfaccia 1541 Ultimate I / II di Gideon.

Questa versione del Firmware e’ anche disponibile per l’interfaccia 1541 Ultimate I dove i fix e le nuove implementazioni sono solo per l’MK1 (niente RTC, emulazione TAP, usb …).

Fix di maggiore rilievo:

  • Freezer bug fixed.
  • Cartridge Freezer reactivated after DMA load.
  • MK1 support completed.
  • Tiny fix added for USB (connecting a powered hub caused the C64 to be powered by the hub!!)
  • Updater fixed for older FPGAs that don’t support the capability register.
  • Memory controller for MK1: removed DACK for write cycles.
  • Added dummy I/O clients, for missing modules in MK1 FPGA.
  • Rewritten first bootloader (…)
  • Added second drive support in software.
  • Added audio switch. If second drive is available, it will be available on the right channel.
  • ‘Chars’ linked instead of loaded from Flash. MK1 doesn’t have charset in flash…

download: 1541ultimate.net

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