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HxCFloppyEmulator software v2.1.11.1

Questo software funge da Floppy Emulator Server con l’HXC Floppy Emulator USB.

Questo programma consente anche di convertire le immagini Floppy Disk per l’emulatore Floppy HxC (Gotek) basato su SDCard.

Supporta molti formati di file immagine floppy: Elenco supportato delle immagini floppy.

Sistemi operativi supportati:

  • Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven / 10
  • Mac OS X.
  • Linux.

HxCFloppyEmulator software v2.1.9.0 -> v2.1.11.1 cumulative changelog:

  • Hard-sectored H8D Heathkit raw file Loader & Writer added !
  • Kryoflux Stream Loader (*XX.X.raw) & Stream analyzer : Hard-sectored images support and various fixes !
  • Kryoflux Stream Loader (*XX.X.raw) : bmpexport.txt config file to generate the full stream track graph.
  • NSI Northstar raw file Loader & Writer added !
  • Kryoflux Stream Loader (*XX.X.raw) : Another fix for the index position !
  • Kryoflux Stream Loader (*XX.X.raw) : filter.txt config file to adjust the internal bitrate filter.
  • Flux Stream Analyzer : Internal filter can now be set.
  • ADF Writer : Amiga ADF HD file (22 Sectors/track) support added.
  • Kryoflux Stream Loader (*XX.X.raw) : Loader & writer index position fixed.
  • Acorn BBC file format loader (*.ADL/ADM/ADF) fixed.
  • New XML format definitions : Acorn ADFS (160K). Acorn ADFM (320K). Acorn ADFL (640K). Dynacord Add-one.
  • Stream importer : More debug/error messages, unconventional index period support.

Download: HxCFloppyEmulator software v2.1.11.1 (260)

source: hxc2001.com

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