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Rilasciato nuovo Firmware SD2Snes v1.10.3

Ikari ha rilasciato il nuovo firmware per la SD2Snes la Flash Cartridge per Super Nintendo/Famicom. Le istruzioni per l’aggiornamento le potete trovare qui.


  • Revert S-DD1 bitfile to earlier build which happens to less expose a timing hazard. This will need further examination for a proper fix. Fixes severe glitches with S-DD1
  • Fix swapped logic terms in SA-1 and SuperFX RAM write cycles. Fixes severe glitches on SA-1 and SuperFX on Mk.II units; The bug was also present in the Pro firmware but didn’t seem to have much of an effect
  • Fix game video mode setting in SuperCIC pair mode.


source: sd2snes.de

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