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SD2Iec new stable Firmware Released

SD2Iec – è un’interfaccia hardware che emula il Floppy Drive 1541 del Commodore 64 utilizzando una scheda SD.


2009-03-08 – release 0.8.0

  • Direct sector access of the real storage device
  • Ignore DEL files in file_open
  • Drive mapper
  • EXOS V3 fastloader support
  • Requires avr-libc 1.6.x

2009-03-07 – release 0.6.7

  • Bugfix: Close previous file if secondary is reused without close
  • Bugfix: Minor Jiffy timing fix on EOI

source: gitweb forum thread

1541 Ultimate Firmware v1.6 released

1541 UltimateThe annoying bug in the firmware that had rendered the Ethernet interface almost useless has finally been fixed.

In comparison to 1.5, the following has been fixed:

  • Reads from the Ethernet chip have been fixed. The unit now correctly receives packets.

download: 1541U Homepage

SD2Iec Firmware v0.8.0 PRE1 Released

SD2Iec LogoSD2Iec – is a hardware mass storage device using an SD/MMC card and interfacing with the IEC bus.


2008-10-02 – release 0.8.0pre1

  • Implement Dreamload emulation.
  • RTC support.
  • Dataflash support.
  • Multi-file scratch.
  • Copy command.
  • Large buffer support.
  • Final Cartridge 3 freezed file fastloader support.
  • D71/D81 disk image support.
  • Parse FSINFO sector for faster FAT32 free space calculation.
  • Partial REL file support.


source: gitweb forum thread

Cartridge 1541 Ultimate v1.3 Beta video.

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Enjoy with this nice video of 1541 Ultimate cartridge from YouTube.