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Rilasciata la nuova versione delle DiagROM v0.9

Cosa sono le DiagROM?

Le DiagROM sono delle ROM diagnostiche per gli Home Computer della serie Commodore Amiga. Queste ROM tornano molto utili in alcune sistuazioni, tipo quando il computer non esegue correttamente il boot o si blocca.


  • A lot of internal changes.
  • But changed keyboardhandling in “Manual Edit” mode, hopefully keyboard works better now.
  • Chipmemdetect at startup does more tests to capture more biterrors.
  • Also added tests if CPU can do odd/eveb reads and writes. Request by Terriblefire.
  • Added a testpicture as GFX Test
  • Added test for RTC Chip, reads both types you have to know what chip is in your machine.
  • Added a experimental Autoconfig support for Zorro II boards and memory, Remember that you can only run this ONCE.
  • Autoconfigcode is based on Terriblefires code with addons by me.
  • Audiotest now includes several notes and waveforms and also a module.


  • 2017-04-15: Added Support for OKI Chipset in RTC Test
    • Added (somewhat experimental) support for Autoconfig for Z2 boards.
    • Must say thanx to Terriblefire for autoconfig code. (with some changes by my)
    • Added test at startup to see if CPU can do odd/even byte read and writes
    • Bumped version to V0.9 – Next Stable release
    • Released while being at the Revision demoparty.
  • 2017-02-25: Moved mainmenu alternatives to make space for more maintest-menus. also added some for future use.
    • Started on Others tests/RTC Test for the moment only showing ricoh RTC chip (A4k etc)
    • Removed temprary debugfunction added the 18:th.
  • 2017-02-18: Minor changes. sometimes when exiting a testscreen you got to the mainmanu instead of the submenu. cleaned up now.
    • also added a fakefastmem allocation at the boot so you can run stuff in fakefast by pressing LBM at poweron if needed.
    • TEMPORARY DEBUGFUNCTION: while dumping serialport at beginnning, screen also flickers while doing a serial timeout.
    • this is to figure out if machine still runs to veryfy I can do serialstuff (and detect failures) if paula is missing.
    • will be removed soon as it screws up onscreen colorcodes.
  • 2017-02-15: Added a testpicture, testscreen is moved in menu and will still bug. this will be reworked soon.
  • 2017-02-04: Simple audiotest is now improved, it now plays different waveforms, I have checked the frequencys with my Rigol scope.
    • But 20.6Hz in my headphones sounds weird, maybe should remove it in the test. the only thing not working there now is setting volume.
  • 2017-01-30: In Manual edit: added when using “goto memoryaddress” when pressing x it clears the string totally. Also hopefully fixed keyboardbug making
    • it more or less impossible to use keyboard on some machines.
    • Fixed bug showing strange flickering spritebugs random
    • Changed that in initial chipmemdetecting it checks more combinations of bits, this will make detect slower (due to serial output) but will detect more
    • biterrors.
    • TEMPORARY function: pressing fire/mousebutton in joystickport while poweron will totally disable serialoutput. this is to be able to run with broken
    • Paula. Will look into a better solution. so function will maybe be removed.
    • Added a testmodule, A groupmember will make a chipmodule for me later to have here. Now using the classic “Echoing”
  • 2017-01-06: Long time since last update. Hollidays etc. Anyway some minor internal fixes and a basic low-res testscreen added.

Download: DiagoROM v0.9 Stable (521)


Rilasciato nuovo firmware per EverDrive N8 NES – OS Update v14

E’ stato rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento del sistema operativo (OS) per la EverDrive N8 NES Flash Cartridge (Nintendo NES) di Krikzz. Le istruzioni per l’aggiornamento le potete trovare qui.


  • Fixed MMC4 (glitches in Fire Emblem)
  • New mappers support. 31, 137, 138, 139, 141, 147, 168
  • Removed “audio mix vol” option. Now it always in “Hi” state.
  • Removed “Mapper info” menu due the lack of memory space.
  • Minor bugfix.

Download: -EverDrive N8 NES OS Update v14 (779)


Rilasciata la nuova versione delle DiagROM v0.8

Cosa sono le DiagROM?

Le DiagROM sono delle ROM diagnostiche per gli Home Computer della serie Commodore Amiga. Queste ROM tornano molto utili in alcune sistuazioni, tipo quando il computer non esegue correttamente il boot o si blocca.


  • 2016-10-22: Fixed bugs in new Chipmemdetection that made it not detect any chipmem if there was missing/Broken chipmem in the beginning. Added errorhandling in the startprocess, so it can show on serialport if there was a exceptionerror. also will show colorcodes on screen. done some smaller bigfixes. Will bump versionnumber and this will be the stable version. It will take a while until next stable version is bumped. Need to do floppy, serial, paralell tests etc before that will happen. but you always have the daily version.
  • 2016-10-12: New Chipmem detection now handles shadowram so it should stop detecting memory instead of giving false 2MB Chip. IF no Chipmem avaible and machine can detect fastmem (NON autoconfig. more or less only A3000/4000 motherboardmem) it will now start using fastmem only. (screen flickers in different colors instead of printing text, nullmodem only) Fixed addresserrorbugs at CIA and joystickport tests on machines with 68000CPU. also should have correct CIA timing on slow machines. IF fastmemshadowram is detected during memorytests, test will exit. MANUAL test have a option to disable that test.
  • 2016-10-07: LONG time no updates. Familystuff. Anyway. decided to do a total redo of initcode especially chipmemdetection. Detection is slower, but progress is printed on serialport so you can see address checked and if failure (in the beginning of the detection) you will see what it wrote and what is read to help debugging of chipmemproblems. Screen should flicker in green while detecting. drawback is that some tests (cia and joyport tests) now generates an addresserror. Will have a look of that.

Download: DiagoROM v0.8 Stable (452)


Vampire 600 V2 HW Acceleratore per Commodore Amiga

Vampire 600 V2 HW Accelerator for Amiga

La scheda Vampire 600 V2 è un acceleratore hardware per Commodore Amiga 600. Non esiste nulla di simile sul mercato in grado di competere con le sue prestazioni ed il prezzo.

Caratteristiche Principali:

  • 128MB di Fastmem RAM.
  • Uscita digitale (HDMI).
  • SD card per HDD storage.
  • 64 bit core e piena compatibilita’ a 32 bit.
  • Aggiornamento del firmware senza bisogna di programmatori esterni.
  • Supporto per FPU e 16 bit Audio sono previsti con gli aggiornamenti futuri.

Galleria dell’installazione e testing:

Video Vampire A600 V2 Unboxing/Testing


Assemblaggio e Sostituzione del vecchio DualSID con il MixSID

Assembly and Replacement of the old DualSID with the MixSID

Assemblaggio e Sostituzione del vecchio DualSID con il MixSID.

A differenza del DualSID ho dovuto sostituire i due condensatori elettrolitici (vedi foto) perche’ il PCB del MixSID e’ molto piu’ largo e i due condensatori impedivano la corretta installazione del PCB nello zoccolo del SID.

Per le caratteristiche tecniche del MixSID andate qui



Rilasciato il nuovo fimware v0.1.7d per la Cartridge SD2Snes

Ikari ha rilasciato il nuovo firmware per la SD2Snes la Flash Cartridge per Super Nintendo/Famicom. Le istruzioni per l’aggiornamento le potete trovare qui.


  • Reworked the in-game hook code again, squeezing out a couple more CPU cycles – compatibility improved further
  • BS-X: new bsx page file by LuigiBlood!
    • contains a proper channel map, notably fixes Fuurai no Shiren: Surara o
    • sukue and most likely more games
    • enables a great number of town features
  • BS-X: better detection for script-type ROMs (e.g. various magazines)
  • Cx4 SKIP instruction timing sped up a bit. Core felt a bit too slow. (this is a makeshift “fix” until I implement the proper Cx4 instruction timing I recently figured out)
  • Fixes:
    • fixed occasional black screen after soft reset (L+R+Select+Start)
    • in-game hook memory area visibility quirks fixed in various situations, notably fixes BS Kirby no Omochabako: Pinball
    • BS-X: fix PSRAM corruption on SNES WRAM writes, fixes a number of games, notably BS Kirby no Omochabako: Pinball (tough one)
    • PPU2 H/V count odd/even read flag is reset on ROM load, this fixes games that depend on it when run after games that leave it in a dirty state – notably audio glitches and freezes in Super Punch-Out when run after Fuurai no Shiren.
    • SPC Player: Fixed a long-standing transfer corruption bug that occurred because the original bulk transfer routine didn’t account for CPU stalls by HDMA (which is abundant in the sd2snes menu). This fixes occasionally missing instruments, corrupted samples etc.
    • fixed an occasional deadlock on bootup where the menu would hang at the “Loading…” screen.
    • fixed hard freeze when selecting a file immediately after disabling the “Hide file extensions” option
    • fixed persistent hard freeze in recent games list handling when running games with long path names (> ~120 characters)
    • revert DAC I2S timing to pre-v0.1.7c behaviour, hopefully reducing audio glitches for sd2snes Rev.G units
    • fixed corrupted file list display after playing an SPC file with a scrolled file name
  • Cosmetic changes:
    • “Loading” window is replaced by status bar notification to be less
    • disruptive with very short load times
    • configuration settings no longer have the wrong color when changed



Rilasciato il nuovo fimware v0.1.7c per la Cartridge SD2Snes

Ikari ha rilasciato il nuovo firmware per la SD2Snes la Flash Cartridge per Super Nintendo/Famicom. Le istruzioni per l’aggiornamento le potete trovare qui.


  • major overhaul of the in-game hook code, with more help from the FPGA, to significantly reduce CPU footprint. This improves hook compatibility with a variety of games.
  • in-game hook: avoid disruption of manual controller reads (fixes controls in Super Star Wars games)
  • new option: “Hide file extensions” (effective after next directory change)
  • do not silently fail to load saved games when the sd2snes/saves folder does not exist (create the folder instead)
  • do not silently fail to load/save cheat files when the sd2snes/cheats folder does not exist (create the folder instead)
  • Cx4 core now runs at exactly 20Mhz
  • fixes:
    • MSU1: avoid missed control register status changes on rapid rewrites (fixes FF3 Dancing Mad, Zelda FMV missing audio)
    • fix auto region patch timing (hopefully)
    • fix DSP1 header detection (fixes Ballz 3D JPN)
    • add reset hook to boot games on start of frame only (fixes Boogerman PAL)
    • clear entire SPC700 RAM (do not spare IPL area) – fixes echo artifacts in many games
  • minor cosmetic changes:
    • resize SPC player loading window
    • prevent flickering letters on System Information screen



MixSID – flexible stereo SID board with integrated channel mixer

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

Rilasciato il nuovo fimware v0.1.7b per la Cartridge SD2Snes

Ikari ha rilasciato il nuovo firmware per la SD2Snes la Flash Cartridge per Super Nintendo/Famicom. Le istruzioni per l’aggiornamento le potete trovare qui.


  • SD2Snes folder is always hidden again.
  • Fixes:
    • Fix garbled time on initial clock setting (new unit or battery replacement)
    • Fix BS-X not booting/booting incorrectly after soft reset.
    • Fix OBC1 being always disabled.
    • Fix firmware crash when saving after using the serial command line.

Download: SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7b (503)


Rilasciato il nuovo fimware v0.1.7a per la Cartridge SD2Snes

Ikari ha rilasciato il nuovo firmware per la SD2Snes la Flash Cartridge per Super Nintendo/Famicom. Le istruzioni per l’aggiornamento le potete trovare qui.

Here’s what’s new since preview 4:

  • Configuration menu. All settings are now available through the menu. Changes take effect immediately after confirming a setting with the A button. It can use some polish but should work fine. Note that the Video Mode settings are only effective on SuperCIC modded consoles.
  • SRM files (save files) are now stored in sd2snes/saves/<romname>.srm – existing save files will be moved upon save, there is no batch migration.

Game fixes:

  • DMA de-initialization has been reintroduced and changed from $00 to $ff. This reflects a real SNES better and hopefully finally fixes sprite corruption with SGnG and SSF2, AND title screen glitches/crashes with Pocky&Rocky US.

MSU1 enhancements:

  • MSU1 volume boost: In case MSU1 audio is too quiet you can now increase volume in several steps. Available via Configuration->Chip Options.
  • Interpolation filter to reduce aliasing, resulting in cleaner sound.
  • Fixed a bug where volume calculation introduced DC offset to the waveform output. This eliminates clicking or humming on volume changes/fades.
  • Changed MSU1 audio playback rate to exactly 44100Hz to match bsnes/higan implementation. Sound that syncs on bsnes should now also sync properly on sd2snes.
  • MSU1 resume feature implemented (Thanks to Michaël Larouche!)


  • Missing ROM files are automatically removed from the “Recent Games” list. (Thanks to borti4938!)
  • Background text is now properly greyed out in the SPC player.
  • Ultra16 awareness (mostly thanks to borti4938!):
    • Ultra16 serial number and autoboot setting is displayed in the System Information screen.
    • Exiting from the SPC player doesn’t crash the menu anymore on Ultra16 consoles.
    • Soft reset is prolonged a bit on Ultra16 consoles so you have the opportunity to release the controller buttons, not entering the Ultra16 menu by accident.
    • Auto region patching is disabled on Ultra16 consoles so it doesn’t interfere with the Ultra16’s own facilities.

Critical & Minor bugs:

  • Firmware locked up when loading Zelda 3 after soft-reset. I am surprised that it actually worked so well with all other games.
  • Auto Region Patch setting wasn’t saved properly.
  • Satellaview custom time had a garbled default value (year 1035). The default has now been fixed. If you’d like to apply it you can delete your config.yml or just the “BSXTime” entry from it to load the new default.

Download: SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7a (482)


Unboxing D2K Arcade cartridge per Mattel Intellivision

26 February 2013 Nessun commento
D2K Arcade cartridge for Intellivision


from Elektronite Homepage:

Un astuto scimmione è fuggito dalla sua gabbia. Mario, il guardiano dello zoo, si trova ora in un bel pasticcio! Il gorilla Darwin ha catturato una signorina molto speciale e ha raggiunto un cantiere dove si è fatto strada su per sconcertanti strutture incompiute, come un vero e proprio King Kong!

Per salvarti la vita, salta barili rotolanti e rimbalzanti, percorri velocemente piattaforme mobili ad altezze vertiginose, corri freneticamente sotto molle impazzite, evita fiamme vaganti e pericolose palle di gas per farti strada lassù. Ci vorrà non solo Mario, ma uno dei suoi fratelli, Toni e Bruno, per superare in astuzia lo scimmione e mettere in salvo la ragazza.

DUE giochi in uno! Il primo gioco Arcade, ovvero il classico Donkey Kong dei bar e salegiochi, creato dalla Nintendo nel 1981 e decisamente migliorato nella grafica e nell’audio rispetto alla versione Coleco per Intellivision uscita nel 1982, PIU’ un secondo gioco con CINQUE NUOVI livelli ispirati all’arcade hit D2K: Jumpman Returns! NOVE screen in totale!


  • Nuova grafica ed effetti sonori. Senti DK ringhiare per la prima volta!
  • Punteggi separati per il Gioco 1 e per il Gioco 2. Perfetto per salvare i punteggi nelle competizioni!

Video D2K ARCADE recensione per IntelliVision:


Rilasciato il nuovo firmware 8b beta per l’interfaccia Chameleon

La cartuccia Chameleon Turbo 64 è estremamente facile da utilizzare dal momento che non serve aprire il proprio computer perche’ si collega alla porta di espansione del C64.

La cartuccia può funzionare anche come unità “stand-alone” questo perche’ al suo interno il cuore e’ un chip FPGA che emula quasi (ancora in beta) del tutto un Commodore 64, compreso il Floppy Drive e puo’ essere collegata ad un normale monitor VGA (LCD o CRT).


  • New VGA controller with new modes and VIC-II sync.
  • Tripple buffering mode added for properly displaying IFLI pictures.
  • Scale-2x video scaling algorithm added.
  • Scanline emulation added.
  • In cartridge mode real CIAs registers and interrupts are used (allows use of a modem).
  • In cartridge mode real VIC-II registers and interrupts are used (allows use of a lightpen).
  • Fixed I/O assignments for FPGA (lower power use).
  • Lowlevel SD-card functions now use multiple block reads if possible, which increases linear reading speed by about 40 to 50% (most noticeable on large files, such as REU images)
  • BUGFIX: fixed error handling and timeouts of the IEC routines, which makes all related operations more robust.
  • BUGFIX: added missing timeouts to SD-card functions.
  • Joystick port 1 now also works for navigating the menus.
  • BUGFIX: on some C64s pressing shift would result in phantom keypresses (F1/F2) under some conditions.
  • NEW: various new VGA modes and other options for the new VGA controller (see manual)
  • Improved loading speed of file inside T64 images.
  • Improved keyboard handling to make the browser a bit snappier.
  • BUGFIX: the size of the character ROM saved by the ROM saver was incorrect.
  • BUGFIX: .wav player stops at the end of the file and does not continue playing garbage.
  • BUGFIX: files bigger than 2k are displayed correctly by the .txt viewer.
  • BUGFIX: when copying files out of a t64 image the resulting file was missing the last two bytes and/or the last block was missing completely.
  • BUGFIX: filecopy from/to a IEC device did incorrectly abort after 1 block.
  • BUGFIX: filecopy filename character set conversion was broken.
  • BUGFIX: AR/RR ROM was not correctly disabled when autostarting programs from the filebrowser with AR/RR enabled as default cartridge.
  • NEW: added DOS wedge command (see manual)
  • NEW: added load and save commands (see manual)

Download: Chameleon 64 beta firmware 8b (836)


Unboxing & Assembly BitFixer PETdisk in Kit

28 September 2012 Nessun commento
BitFixer PETdisk interface


Il PETdisk è un nuovo dispositivo di archiviazione per il CBM Commodore PET.

Il progetto è diviso in due parti:

  • Un modulo per il datassette che rende possibile caricare i dati da una scheda audio PC al CBM / PET.
  • Un modulo con il connettore IEEE-488 per caricare i dati da una scheda SD simulando il Disk Drive.

Per maggiori informazioni, schemi e kit visitate il sito del produttore.

Video dimostrativo:


Manosoft C64SD Infinity v2.0 versione Blu presto a magazzino

14 September 2012 Nessun commento
Manosoft C64SD v2.0 Blue version


Questa è l’anteprima dell’interfaccia per Commodore 64 C64SD Infinity v2.0 versione blu di Manosoft. Questa versione sarà presto disponibile per la vendita.

Qui la recensione completa del C64SD Manosoft Infinity v2.0.


Panoramica di alcune Flash Cartridges per Snes,Megadrive,N64,Atari 2600

Rapida panoramica di alcune Flash Cartridges (backup device) per Super Nintendo (Famicom / Snes), Megadrive (Genesis), Nintendo 64, Atari 2600.

Flash cartridges (backup device) che sono state utilizzate in questo video:

  • Everdrive-MD flash cartridge for Sega Megadrive (Genesis) with SD/MMC interface.
  • EverDrive 64 backup device for Nintendo 64 with SD interface.
  • SD2Snes backup device for Super Nintendo (Snes/Famicom) with SD interface.
  • Harmony flash cartridge for Atari 2600 with SD interface.